Soicare Diffuser

Oils & More By Jodie

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Soicare Diffuser - Oils & More By Jodie

Running Time: 1 hr, 3 hrs, 7 hrs

Auto Cut Off Feature: Stops automatically when water level low

Light: LED light, 7 Colour settings. Light can be set to automatically colour change, set to any 1 of the 7 colours or turned off.

  Tank: 100ml  Power Consumption:Low

Delivery: Sent within 24 hours of purchase

This beautiful diffuser has a sleek design but still gorgeous at the same time, it is also a humidifier,  with a light mist to tantilise your senses when using essential oils in conjunction with it.

It looks great in home or work settings.

please note that the Buddha and rocks do not come with this diffuser

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